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Steelwork - Tipperlinn Road (on the blog)

In this latest installment of our blog we look at installation of the steelwork on site at Tipperlinn Road.

Steel erection is one of the more exciting stages in a project like this because usually there are cranes involved and everyone loves a crane dont they! A lot happens quickly that day and the sense of the new building appears as if by magic.

Actually it appears by careful management, as you can imagine things have to happy extremely safely and once the steel arrives on site with all the paraphernalia that comes with it there are very little opportunities to make corrections so it always a relief to see the connections made and steel in place come the end of the day which is a testament to all of the planning that went into it prior to its arrival - assuming all went well of course!

Our steelworkers and blacksmith's are a company from Broxburn called Gordon Bow Engineering we have a long and successful relationship with them and we have completed dozens of contracts together over the years.

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