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Furniture Making & Design
Bespoke hand built kitchen
Rutland Street
Inscape was invited to build this beautiful kitchen in solid walnut for a client living in a town house in Rutland Street, in the very heart of the city centre.
Huge attention to detail was required and the detailed plans were provided by Architect Fraser Bell who worked for Inscape at this time.

Design: Fraser Bell

Lighting: David Brown

Photography: Steve Evans

Matching Tables in Oak

Inscape Joinery designed and built these matching side and coffee tables for 4 Pembroke Place to compliment the interior of the new house we built there.

The tables incorporate our initials if you can see them. The coloured marbles are just for fun.

Design: Inscape Joinery

Photography: Steve Evans

Garden Benches & Table

The oak bench was designed by Oliver Chapman for the award winning project on West Mayfield.

The matching bench and table set was designed by Inscape adapting Oliver's design.

Architect: Oliver Chapman/Inscape Joinery

Photography: Steve Evans

Miscellaneous Garden Furniture

We are often asked to make various pieces of garden furniture. This is a selection of things we have designed and built.

Design: Inscape Joinery

Photography: Steve Evans

Side Tables

These tables were built in walnut veneer with glass insets to take the wear and tear.

The base of the table was kept to a minimum for the aesthetics but the trick was to counter weight the base so the tables wouldn't tip and the cats are the proof it works.

Design: Inscape Joinery

Photography: Steve Evans

A Bed

The bed was designed for a very special room in a converted attic space. The original stone gable wall had been repointed and made a feature of the conversion.

The bed needed to compete with the space and complement the surrounding finishes. It was built using beech veneered boards cladding a soft wood subframe with a narrow black granite shelf to its perimeter. Lighting built into the bed's headboard floods the stone wall behind showing the stonework to great effect. There is also a built in reading light.

The headboard combines two side tables which as well as containing useful storage also have pivoting doors which provide additional and convenient table space to the side of the bed when it is elevated.

Later a matching blanket box was added (pictured) at the foot of the bed.

Design: Inscape Joinery

Photography: Steve Evans

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