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The Contract

Inscape was chosen as the preferred contractor and after a short period of negotiation between ourselves and the client's quantity surveyors, which allows the client to be confident that the estimated costs are fair, the contracts were signed and the site was handed over to us.

Building contracts are often awarded after the job is put out to a 'competitive tender'. Here several building companies all offer their 'best' price and the clients/architects choose one, maybe the cheapest maybe not.

Inscape often tenders for work in a competitive process but in this case the form was by a 'negotiated tender'. Here the client or architect nominates a preferred contractor, possibly based on previous experience or recommendation but essentially because there is a certain guarantee of quality in the workmanship and in the building process. The quantity surveyor's role is to ensure that rates are fair and competitive. Although it is generally agreed that this method costs a little more, the idea is that the experience and the finished results are more assured.

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