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30 Years and Counting..

30 Years and Counting..

Founded in 1984 and now entering the year 2014 Inscape celebrates 30 years of building. If we have a formula for success it has always been to try to… [more…]


Regent Terrace Mews No. 10

Regent Terrace Mews No. 10

This project was the fifth property in this small mews we have fully renovated. In this case the existing building, in very poor repair, was completely… [more…]


A Cat Ladder

A Cat Ladder!

Inscape Joinery is an Edinburgh based building company.

There is information here relating to many of the projects we have undertaken. There are also some general bits relating to the world of building and even some humour.

If you have a question we will be happy to help you with it if we can and if you have a building story, nightmare or otherwise, we will enjoy sharing it.

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Photo: This was a 'cat ladder' we built for an arthritic cat (not the one in the picture) His name was Africa and he very sadly died before ever getting to use his ladder.